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Ed Neevel photo ca. 1942

the 40s

My grandfather, Ed Neevel, had a photography studio in Baldwin, Wisconsin, from the 1890s till the early 1940s, when he took this picture.

Here's a more recent look.


the 00s

Sue Schaeffer photo

Wallowa Lake moraine

September 2009

here's where she was sitting



the 60s

I started making photographs in Madison, Wisconsin. I read most of the photography section in the Madison Public Library before I invested in a camera and set up a home darkroom.

more . . .

the 70s

I moved to Eugene to study journalism and art with Bernie Freemesser at the University of Oregon.


the 80s

With young kids in the house, portraiture was the subject matter at hand. This portrait of Tom Urban was part of my show at the Jacobs Gallery in 1988.

the 90s

On the front lines of journalism with What's Happening, now known as the Eugene Weekly. Happening People column debuted in '96.

the new millenium

a rocky road . . .