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Greg Bryant

Born in New York City, Greg Bryant moved to Eugene with his mom when he was 13. "Eugene was known as the greener Berkeley," he says. "We heard about Eugene at the Quaker meeting house." Bryant started programming at age 14, studied computer science at the UO, and spent the early 80s in Silicon Valley, working for Intel and several startup companies. Returning to Eugene in '86, he got into appropriate-technology activism. "I started a magazine called Rain and co-founded the Center for Alternative Transport," he notes. In the late 90s, Bryant had an open-source Linux demo project called Workspot that employed 50 people in Palo Alto before the dot.com crash brought it down. Once again back in Eugene, he and his new bride Olga were looking to start a special-purpose community center. "We started dancing tango in 2002," he says. "We opened the Tango Center in 2003." Located in the historic West Broadway building that housed Eugene's 1929-55 indoor farmer's market, the TC has revitalized nightlife in downtown Eugene. "Eugene has more people per capita dancing tango than any other place in the world," says Bryant, "including Buenos Aires." Learn more at tangocenter.org.

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photograph and story by Paul Neevel

Eugene Weekly / 18 September 2008

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